Roy Morales-Kuhn


Pastor Roy is the bishop of the Diocese of the Epiphany, a member diocese of the Anglican Orthodox Church, International. 

Chaplain and Grief Support Counseling

Rev Scott Davis

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Pastor Scott has over 30 years of ministry service, everything from parish pastor to individual substance abuse counseling, grief counseling, and essential pastoral care.  He is currently pastoring a rural unaffiliated chapel in south central Howard County.

He is part of the staff at St. Paul's overall parish/diocese outreach. 

Sexton and Maintenance

Jeff Hammond

Mr. Hammond maintains the park like lawn and outdoor landscaping during the summer months. He also does basic maintenance on the parish building of St. Paul's.   He does essential carpentry and wood repairs as needed.  We are so glad to have his talent.

He also is in charge of music during our Morning Prayer and Holy Communion service.

Landscape design and horticulture

Karen Hammond

Karen uses her years of gardening expertise to design and plant beautiful garden spots around St. Paul's grounds.  She and her husband Jeff have designed and built flower boxes, raised beds for many bedding plants, and expanded the original  rudimentary landscaping.   It is with great anticipation each growing season to see what wonders and beauty Karen is going to plant for the growing year.