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St. Paul’s is the headquarters for the Diocese of the Epiphany, a member of the Anglican Orthodox Church, International. . We are located in north central Missouri and represent the AOC in the central Mid-west area, including most states west of the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains.  Yes we are a rather large diocese, and yet we strive to reach out to like minded Anglican or fellow travelers who seek to worship God in a dignified and yet simple service. 

    We only ordain men to the holy orders, deacon, priest, and bishop.  The women of the AOC provide a vital role in all levels of Bible education, church family aide and many other facets of ministry.

   We are considered a low-church Anglican expression, endeavoring to continue the tradition of the early Anglican communion. We use the 1662 Book of Common Prayer for all of our services and the Authorized Version of the Scripture, the King James Version (KJV).   For further studies read the 39 Articles of Religion, the works of J. C. Ryle, 1st bishop of Liverpool, Charles Simeon,  J. I. Packer, John Stott, among others.

    We would be delighted to make contact with like-minded evangelicals who are interested in the Anglican Evangelical tradition.   Please feel free to e mail for more information including printed material.          


The Anglican Orthodox Church was organized on November 16, 1963 by the Most Reverend James Parker Dees, B.D., D.D. to preserve the basic tenets of Anglicanism, namely:
• The Biblical Faith
• The 1662 Book of Common Prayer
• The Thirty-nine Articles of Religion
• The Homilies
• The Doctrines of the Anglican Reformers
• The Biblical Morality
Moreover, the Anglican Orthodox Church helps build a Christian America by exposing evil and preaching the Gospel.
The Anglican Orthodox Church was established by the Most Reverend James Parker Dees, who was a priest, and others who saw that the Episcopal Church was rapidly repudiating its foundations. They wanted to preserve their traditions of Anglicanism as held by the Episcopal Church until recent years. The above founding members trained their people in the Bible, the 39 Articles of Religion, and the Book of Common Prayer. These Churches all continue to be members of a Worldwide Communion that is under the auspices of the Anglican Orthodox Church with International Headquarters in Statesville, North Carolina, USA.
The Anglican Orthodox Church focuses worship on God as He has commanded. The Bible makes it plain that individuals cannot come before God in their own right, because of the sinful nature of men who have disobeyed Him.

The Bible also makes plain that God has wrought in history a great program of salvation by which sinners are forgiven and again brought into communion with Him. That program is centered on the work of Jesus the Son of God, who was born of the virgin Mary in order that He might become our representative before God living for us bearing in His death the punishment for our sin.
Jesus declared, "No man cometh unto the Father but by me."